Your Guide to the Perfect Sunday Morning with Blueberry Pancakes

Kristin | June 6, 2018

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Warm and fluffy pancakes are a Sunday morning staple and let's be honest - blueberry pancakes are the BEST. There's nothing like sleeping in on a Sunday morning and waking up to the smell of buttery pancake batter! Take it a step further and get the whole family to contribute to making pancakes - it's such a fun activity for kids to add their own fresh berry toppings!  




Pancakes are delicious regardless of their shape or size, but large fluffy pancakes topped with lots of syrup and extra blueberries is our favorite way to eat them. The trick to making pancakes as fluffy as possible is to use baking powder and incorporate all the ingredients together so there are very few lumps. I've found that having all of your ingredients at room temperature beforehand really helps to speed up the batter making process.

Plus, pancakes heat evenly when cooked in a heavy nonstick griddle or cast-iron skillet so keep one handy to create pancakes that pair perfectly with a morning cocktail and a bowl of mixed berries.  

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After you've filled your tummy full of warm pancakes, head to your kiddos' favorite park to play in the sunshine and work it all off before taking a well-deserved Sunday afternoon nap! Don't forget to fill up a portable container with fresh berries to grab later for a satisfying snack.

Sunshine on your face and nutrient-packed berries in your tummy - what an amazing way to end your weekend. Sunday - we LOVE you! Share your favorite Sunday morning activities and photos with us @CalGiantBerries on Twitter and Instagram and we may feature you in an upcoming post!

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