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Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey
Cal Giant | November 26, 2019


To brine, or not to brine…. not quite Shakespeare, but close enough for the holiday hostesses!

When it comes to the actual turkey for Thanksgiving, there are different schools of thought for how to get the best result for your guests. However, there are so many items...

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Thanksgiving Pies That Are A Must-Try
Cal Giant | November 20, 2019

I typically start my list of things to buy for Thanksgiving the first week in November, starting with ordering my turkey and ham at the local butcher. Each time I go to the grocery store during the month, I buy a few things on the list so I am not shopping for everything...

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A Visit with our 2019 Chef Invitational Ambassador
Cal Giant | November 15, 2019


This week, our foodservice and marketing team took a trip to the desert to meet with our 2019 Chef Invitational Top Chef and Ambassador Chef Travis G. Peters - Tucson native, chef and restaurant owner of Southern Infusion Gastropub The Parish.

The chef spoke to us...

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Friendsgiving Recipes That Are Stretchy-Pants Approved
Cal Giant | November 13, 2019

The traditional Thanksgiving meal is no longer just spent with family. A new trend of "Friendsgiving" has emerged over the past few years, showcasing that friendship is also something to be thankful for. Depending on your stage in life, Friendsgiving is typically held...

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