Strawberry Recipes that are Sweet as Can Be!

Cal Giant | May 12, 2020

As one of the most beloved berries, we can't help but get excited for National Strawberry Month! Just imagine endless rows of green leaves with pops of red berries in the fields... 

We're sharing a few of our favorite strawberry recipes to kickstart your day or enjoy happy hour with during these sunny Spring days:

PB&J Energy Bites

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Energize your day with a quick and nutritious bite. These PB&J Energy Bites are just the treat to satisfy those strawberry sweet cravings! It's just a quick mix and freeze to create and enjoy a new take on the classic PB&J sandwich.

Strawberry & Paprika Chicken Fajitas

straw paprika tacos-12-561021-edited-2

Skip the online ordering for this quick and easy lunch recipe! These refreshing fajitas will do just the trick to savor each moment away from work without taking over an hour to make. We won't tell if you have more than a few...

Ginger Kombucha Cocktail with Syrupy Strawberries

kombucha cocktail-11

Make happy hour a little sweeter with this syrupy cocktail! Take a few of those strawberries and add to the bottom ice or on top for even more berry flavor. Get the camera ready, this recipe is so picture-worthy!

Do you have any strawberry recipes? Comment below and let's swap stories!

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