Strawberry-Chipotle Glazed Ham

Amanda | December 5, 2017

This Strawberry-Chipotle Glazed Ham is a gorgeous centerpiece to any holiday table that will impress guests without hours of work from the hostess. 


Like many, I love pairing sweet fruit with the smoky, salty flavor of ham. Since this type of ham is pre-cooked, all you need to do is heat it through in the oven and caramelize the exterior with your favorite glaze.


If you - like me - are a spicy foods lightweight, don’t be scared off by the chipotle! Bear in mind that the sauce will taste spicier straight out of the pot than it will brushed onto the ham. 


To find the recipe and read more, visit Amanda at Striped Spatula!

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Amanda Biddle is a New Jersey-based food writer and photographer who believes that there are few bad days that can’t be improved with a warm baguette and a wedge of brie. She shares her love of food and wine on her website, Striped Spatula, which celebrates the beauty of fresh ingredients in gourmet home cooking.

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