Seasonal Snacks

Cal Giant | December 8, 2020

Snacking is often at its finest this time of year. Here we’re sharing some of our favorite recipes that are munch-worthy all day long.

blackberry crostini edited-17-1

Blackberry and Goat Cheese Crostini

This tasty crostini has so many layers of flavor and makes for an impressive vibrant and flavorful snack. The combination of salty prosciutto and tangy California Giant blackberry goat cheese on a toasted baguette is truly a masterpiece! 


Blueberry Goat Cheese Pizza

Taking sweet and savory to the next level, this California Giant blueberry goat cheese pizza will make you swoon! When it’s time for pizza and a movie, grab some ready-to-go dough and enjoy creating this deliciously versatile pizza. From the burst of juicy berries to the crunch of the pecans, this recipe might just become a staple. 

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