Picnic Basket Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer

Cal Giant | July 20, 2020

These sunny summer skies and warm temperatures are perfect for an outdoor picnic! But don't just bring a PB&J and chips, because it's time for a 2020 picnic basket makeover. Check out these sweet and cool treats that deserve rays of sunshine:

pancake & smoothie-19-1

Strawberry + Raspberry + Peach Green Smoothie

A great way to cool down from the summer heat is with this berry, peachy smoothie. Whether you want to drink it or pack a spoon to scoop it up, it's the perfect drink and snack that can be packed in a small cooler! 


grab n go600

Grab-N-Go Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Anytime is the perfect time for this picnic pick. Be sure to bring some extra blueberries to add more to your wrap or as a side. No matter what, you'll have an easy to carry meal that is picnic perfect!


horchata popsicles-4-1

Berry Avocado Horchata Popsicles

Dessert is always a must have! Pack these berry avocado horchata popsicles in the cooler to finish off your meal with this smooth, creamy sweet taste. It's the perfect on-the-go dessert that'll make your picnic complete. 

What California Giant berries do you like to pack on your picnics? Comment below and share!

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