On-the-go Breakfasts for the Fall Semester

Cal Giant | September 25, 2018

I can remember back-to-school season like it was yesterday! I would inventory my school supplies, make a list of what I needed to set myself up for success and then come up with a plan to make sure I felt prepared for whatever the semester had in store for me. Even though graduation has come and gone, I still love taking stock to set myself up for a happy (and successful) rest of the year. And with the hustle and bustle that is the fall semester, I've come to learn that, for me, success starts with a great breakfast. Here is a list of my favorite on-the-go breakfasts. My grocery store goal? Make sure that I have the supplies to make my mornings an A+. 

#1 on my list is Blueberry & Cashew Granola- I like to have this delicious breakfast option one of two ways. I either pack it in a little baggie and munch on it on-the-go, or I add it to some yogurt.  I love that it is so easy to bring this granola mix together and there isn't too much planning involved to make this nutritious start to my day a reality.

blueberry cashew granola

#2 - My mornings are just better when I have a beautiful blueberry muffin to enjoy. Baking the day before is my trick to a stress-free morning. They're perfect with a fresh cup of coffee!blueberry muffins

#3- With the right nutrients,  I feel ready to meet any challenge! Berry Detox Smoothie is a recipe that was created to really jump start your system and it's also my choice for a great boost of energy in the morning.

detox smoothie

This fall semester, set yourself up for a successful day-every day! If you are looking for more inspiration for your on-the-go breakfast, subscribe to The Buzz Blog. It's full of recipes that are sure to set you up for stellar mornings. 

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