Honey Triple Berry & Oats Smoothie

Amanda (Hartbeet Kitchen) | April 27, 2016

There are a million smoothie recipes, but there’s a little secret to the super thick texture in this dairy-free Triple Berry & Soaked Oats Smoothie recipe that doesn’t come from yogurt, ice, frozen berries, or bananas. These ways certainly make a creamy smoothie, but often overpower the puckery sweetness of those fresh & beautiful California Giant strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. 

My answer? Soaked oats (as in, overnight oats). By letting these whole grains take a bath in almond milk, they plump up, soften, and when blended, create a thicker, heartier drink. Added bonus: Soaking the oats makes them easier for our bodies to digest, and because they have a hefty dose of fiber (and manganese – great for bone structure), this smoothie is all the more satisfying. I really liked the kiss of vanilla and local honey blended in, totally elevating delicious strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. For a healthy fat boost, I added a bit of coconut oil, and extra hemp seeds sprinkled on top.

Thick, wholesome, and hearty. It’s a berrylicious triple threat in my opinion. 

So grab your favorite berries, and get the full recipe HERE on Heartbeet Kitchen.



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Amanda (Hartbeet Kitchen)

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