Here We Go Spring

Lorin | March 17, 2016

Spring means different things depending on what side of the country you are in.  In New York City, you are praying that no more snow comes your way and you are looking forward to the farmers markets in Union Square being in full force. You get to throw off your puff jacket and trade it in for a light sweater and a thin scarf. Having just moved cross country back to Napa Valley, my Spring has a very different feel. The 70 degree and sunny weather seems to never get old and our gardens are already flourishing with Spring produce. I will be going from having to climb up my fire escape to my NYC rooftop, to enjoying a glass of cabernet in my lush and green backyard.

However, this isn’t how I remembered it last time I lived here. I moved to Yountville, CA back in 2011 to start my dream job as a chef at The French Laundry. I worked 15 hours a day so rarely had time to enjoy the surroundings. I knew no one when I first moved out here and was a single 24 year old just living her life one day at a time. Things have changed a bit now that it is Spring 2016. I am happily married to a Calvin Klein model (oh wait...he’s really just one of the country’s top chefs, but I view him as my personal male model), I have found a job that marries my love for healthy and nutritious food with my professional chef skills, I have an adorable French bulldog named Willow that makes me smile every day, and I couldn’t be more excited about the next year to come.

This Spring is very meaningful because it’s the first time in a while that I am not over planning my life and just letting it unfold. I have no idea where I will be next Spring and that is so exciting for me. So what am I going to do with myself this Spring? I am going to taste more wines, take more road trips to the beach, make new friends in the area, have cookouts in my backyard, all while sharing my life with readers just like you through my blog and social media. So cheers to letting this Spring just be Spring, wherever you are, and enjoying it for what it is and whatever point you are in your life.



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