Launch of Kid's Corner

Cindy | September 4, 2014

September is here, and so is a TON of new goodies we'd love to share!

Remember that Jr. Chefs video series we told you about? The one with some crazy-good recipes like Strawberry BBQ Pizza and Homemade Creamsicles? Well, it's finally here! Our Jr. Chefs videos & recipes can be found on our brand new Kid's Corner of our website: a place for kid-friendly fun ranging from recipe inspiration to games and crafts.



And speaking of kids, we've also recently launched a Back to School Survival Guide! This bad boy is filled with food hacks (did you know you can hull strawberries with a straw?), on-the-go meals and free printables to put inside the kiddos' lunchboxes. Got any kid-friendly tips of your own?

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