Twelve Days of Sharing #1: Berry Nutrition Facts At-a-Glance

Cindy | December 4, 2013

It's beginning to look and feel a whole lot like the holidays around here and across the country. We're overflowing with festive cheer and look forward to sharing it with you throughout the season! Today marks Day One of our "Twelve Days of Sharing" - during which we will share berry tips and info, created-just-for-you recipes from Chef Julia and California Giant Brand Ambassador Brandie from, chances to win cash and prizes, and more!

Our first shareable offering is a quick berry nutrition guide. This handy infographic details the nutritional benefits of all of our fresh berries. And, with the New Year approaching, this will be a perfect resource to reference when planning healthy menus!

Please feel free to print it, pin it, tweet it and share it however you'd like. And stay tuned to The Buzz for 11 more posts that are chock-full of shareable goodies. Happiest of holidays!!


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