To New Beginnings

Chef Julia | August 7, 2013


Summer is coming to an end, and for parents everywhere that means prepping our children for kindergarten, high school or college. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending how you look at it—for me, I will be sending off my children to all three. As excited as I am for the little ones to start a new grade, I can’t help but think about my eldest, Maddie , and her soon departure to college.

I’m starting to wonder about all the things I worried about her before she took her first step into kindergarten. Did I teach her how to say please and thank you? Will she raise her hand when she has a question and play nicely with others?

Except now, these questions are accompanied by their more mature counterparts: Will she say yes or say no at the appropriate times? Will she pay attention to what’s around her and not be texting all the time? What will her diet be like? Surely she’ll still eat healthy, right?

While it makes me proud that I have raised such a strong and eager young woman, I can’t help but worry. It’s an emotional time for moms (and dads) when their kids go off to college. What is an adjustment period for us is an exciting, new chapter for them. And I’m excited for her too—it’s just a little bittersweet. A tear comes to my eye every time I think about moving her into that dorm, yet I have the confidence that I’ve taught my little one to make good decisions.

I just hope she has the opportunity to eat healthier foods than standard dorm fare! In my last days of having my daughter at home, I’ll be preparing (and teaching her!) all the many recipes I have up my sleeve that I know will be just as easy to make in her dorm room, like this Super Green Smoothie. I want to teach her that a blender is good for more than just drinks and that she can make a 3 course meal with a blender, fridge and microwave.

So for all my fellow parents that are sending their kids off to college: you have some packing to do as well. Pack their dorm fridge with berries, yogurt, nuts, oats and grains. Load them up with good foods they can blend or eat raw to keep them filled with all the nutrients they’ll need to be a strong and healthy freshmen. And hopefully, they’ll give us a call every once in a while to come replenish the fridge.

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