A Day in the Life of a California Giant Strawberry

Cal Giant | August 2, 2013



Do you ever wonder how your fruit makes it from the farm to your home? Sure, we all have a basic idea—the fruit is grown somewhere and then somehow it’s picked, packed and distributed. But there’s something supremely special about SEEING the process with your own eyes.

That’s why we made a short video featuring our fruit and what it’s like in A Day in the Life of our California Giant Strawberries.

The ranch where our strawberries grow is less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean. That means soft, ocean breezes and beautiful mild weather is what these strawberries breathe in every day. Then they’re picked at the peak of their harvest, when they’re shiny and richly red (no white tops for our berries!). And when we say picked straight from the farm, we mean it. California Giant strawberries go straight from the stem and into the clamshell. Pretty cool, right? Just make sure to rinse them off before biting into that juicy flesh!

We hope you enjoy watching the process as much as we enjoy growing our berries. If you have any questions about how our berries get from the farm to your table, please ask us! If you’re searching for more ways to enjoy our strawberries, you can browse our strawberry recipes page for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert ideas.

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