Quench Your Thirst with these Summer Sensations!

Chef Julia | June 12, 2013


Pool parties, cocktails, frozen-treats and fresh fruit: that’s what I and my kids think of when summertime arrives. My kids love to run around outside and stay active, so it’s important to keep them hydrated and entertained. This week, we celebrated the kids’ first day of summer by having a few friends over to make strawberry lemonade popsicles! The kids LOVE these and it’s a project that keeps their interest for a few hours and provides a sweet treat for cool down later.

And while the kids are out playing, I like to enjoy my own version of “cooling down” with custom cocktails I can share with my friends! And since we know how popular fruity smoothies, popsicles and cocktails are this time of year, we’ve put together a guide filled with fresh recipes to help you cool down.

Click below to download our Thirst Quenching Summer Sensations guide and you’ll get:

  • Sensational smoothie recipes
  • Pool-side cocktail recipes
  • Kid-approved popsicle ideas
  • Entertaining tips and ideas for cooling off with fresh berries
  • …and more!

Get your guide to smoothies, popsicles and cold cocktails These recipes will have you on your way to enjoying everything the summer has to offer. And the best thing about smoothie and drink recipes? You can easily tweak and customize them for your favorite flavors! Feel free to share your summer smoothie, popsicle and cocktail ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Let the summer begin!

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