Your New Go-To Family Vacation Plan

Cal Giant | July 5, 2018

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It’s that time of year when all the conversations are centered around vacation.  Summertime is ripe with opportunity to be outside and make plans for family vacations, couple vacations or even restful stay-cations.  Regardless the choice, we all look forward to that chance to put our feet up and let the world pass us by for a few days, a week or even longer.

My family is not much different than most, except when we all take a vacation or stay-cation together, we split up the duties so we can all share in free time while someone else is doing the cooking and cleaning for at least one day.  The best part about being on-duty for a day is being in charge of ‘Drink of the Day’.  This is a major family tradition that we all take very seriously and when it is my turn to cook on vacation, I get to select the ‘drink of the day’ option. It gets quite competitive as each of us tries to outdo the other with choosing delicious, refreshing and unique options to share.  We always keep our drink of the day a surprise from the others and unveil it right about happy hour time…

Here is my typical vacation day of service menu:

Lori Spencer and Irene 8

Breakfast: fresh strawberries and blueberries over pancakes with a side of bacon…mimosas and coffee to wash it all down

Lunch:  BBQ hot dogs and strawberry jello shots

Happy Hour:  roll out ‘drink of the day’ - The timing on this ‘hour’ is not set in stone 😊 My drink of the day this year might be either a raspberry greyhound or blueberry mojito

Dinner:  BBQ skirt steak with strawberry salsa, fresh corn on the cob (also BBQ’d) and a mixed berry, tomato Caprese salad

Dessert:  blueberry brownies


When taking a family vacation, we always spend at least four days away and I make sure there are three other people present to can take charge of their respective days so once my day on duty is done, I am free to vacation!  I wish I had cataloged all of the creative drinks made over the years on the back of a houseboat or shared lake house - it would be an amazing cookbook by now.  But I guess it’s never too late to start – stay tuned because vacation for this girl is on the horizon!

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