Blueberry for President

Cindy | September 13, 2016

As you may have read in our Strawberry for President post, we're joining the fun (?) of the 2016 presidential election season with our Red State or Blue State Sweepstakes and we need YOU to help determine which candidate will be victorious this fall! And no, we're not talking about Clinton, Johnson, Stein or Trump - you've got two AWESOME "candidates" vying for your votes:  Strawberry and Blueberry!  So, is your state RED or BLUE?

Can't decide? Well, we're here to help! It's beneficial to get to know each candidate and learn what he or she stands for and what his or her proposals for the country are. So, as "campaign manager" for both of the berries (we haven't even decided who we're gonna vote for yet!), we're happy to present The Official 2016 Blueberry Platform! And, trust us... No empty campaign promises here - just empty berry cartons that we'd love to fill for you again and again. 

Not only will you get a taste of what Blueberry stands for in the upcoming Debate Night Twitter Party on September 26th, at 8:00pm ET, but below you'll find a few insights into Blueberry's political platform. If you find yourself leaning toward #BlueberryforPresident, be sure to cast your vote for a chance to win 1 of 7 prizes, including a $500 Visa gift card, by clicking here!

As president, Blueberry promises to protect your body from the damage of free radicals and provide you with the antioxidants you need to stay healthy. In fact, Blueberry contains one of the highest antioxidant capacities of ALL fruits and veggies. Blueberry is also known for having key phytochemicals that may help protect against cancer and heart disease - two of the leading health problems in America. 

It doesn't stop there... Blueberry maintains healthy bones with their high level of iron, zinc, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium. As for lowering blood pressure and managing diabetes, Blueberry takes pride in their work doing both, naturally. That's right - no supplements needed here! Blueberry even improves mental health by reducing the risk of cognitive decline and Parkinson's disease, and improving short-term memory loss and motor coordination.

Not only is Blueberry willing to fight disease with their army of antioxidants and nutrients, but their sweet taste can transform any ordinary dish into a sweet (and sometimes savory) treat. Some of Blueberry's best work has been in the recipes featured below - you HAVE to try the Easy Blueberry Ice Box Cake!






These are just a few reasons to vote for Blueberry in the upcoming election. Follow us on social media to keep track of all the latest developments in what's sure to be a very tight (but tasty) race! And feel free to state your case for Blueberry in the comment section below!

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