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The Ultimate Father's Day Date
Cal Giant | June 8, 2020

Celebrate the dad in your life with the perfect Father's Day recipes. There is no need for a last minute scramble to find a restaurant when you can create the perfect drinks, dinner, and dessert for dad right in your home. 

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Summer Sweet Treats Recipes
Cal Giant | May 26, 2020

Jump into the summer fun with extraordinarily berry sweet treats! Guilt-free and refreshing, these desserts will help you kick off the summer right! So dive in and enjoy this list of delicious sweet recipes:

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National Strawberry Day Recipes That Are Our Jam
Cal Giant | February 26, 2020

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays - it's National Strawberry day! Of course, I may be a tad biased but I love all things strawberries. Growing up in the lush Salinas Valley where all things green and colorful grow fresh from the soil, it was hard not to fall...

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Let's Plan a Winter Slumber Party!
Cal Giant | February 19, 2020

It's still winter, and while some of us may be enduring relatively mild weather conditions for the month of February, some of us may also be freezing and frigid! But no need for despair, short days and frosty nights don't mean there has to be lack of FUN! 

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