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How to Make Mom Feel Loved
Cindy | May 7, 2019

As a mom and a daughter, I have the pleasure of giving and hopefully receiving some affection on Mother’s Day. For the giving part, I love to send my mom beautiful fresh spring flowers who lives too far away to see on Mother’s Day. I also love to send a card with photos...

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The BEST Whole Grain Strawberry Scones {Vegan-Friendly}!
Ashley | April 26, 2019

Mother of Scones here again! See this post for “Mother of Dragons” reference.

Baking scones is one of my favorite things. And if you’re thinking, “How the heck do you make scones?” I feel you. I was there. I was a scone lover and home baker who did not know how to...

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Raspberry Scones That You NEED for Brunch!
Cindy | April 24, 2019

Ladies, now that Lenten season is over, it's time to treat yo'self! Break out the floral dress (sorry Miranda Priestly), invite your favorite gal pals over and bite into the perfect scone with a mimosa in hand. 

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It's a Girl's Night: Planning Your Galentine's Day Party
Kristin | February 6, 2019

Who says Valentine's Day is just for couples? We don't! Replace the "V" with a "G" and you've got the perfect way to celebrate the women in your life: Galentine's Day. 

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