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Make it at Home: Berry Bomb Fish Tacos
Kristin | June 13, 2019

Some of us don't consider ourselves professional chefs, we just like watching cooking competitions on TV (and pretending that adding peas to macaroni and cheese makes it fancy). It's so hard to pull off the preparations and cooking techniques without a good grasp of what...

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Summer Road Trip Snack Survival Kit
Kristin | June 5, 2019

"When are we getting there?" - Every mother's favorite thing to hear on a road trip. 

My extended family lives about 10 hours away from me, so it's easy to say that I'm used to a nice, long car ride. I get to jam in my car to whatever song I want, whenever I want, and no...

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Summertime Entertaining Tips That Will Make You Want To Invite People Over
Cindy | May 29, 2019

We are rapidly approaching my favorite time of year, Summer! We entertain a lot at our house, and summertime is really when we have most of our parties and family barbecues.

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Chef-Inspired Recipes
Maddie | May 22, 2019

Knives out, chefs! - Padma Lakshmi 

Not everyone considers themselves a chef per se - it's always "I can cook from a recipe" or "My mom taught me how to make this." Those that really do call themselves a chef I - admittedly - get very nervous to bring food to or cook a...

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