Top Recipes of 2016

Cal Giant | December 28, 2016

Ahhh 2016... it has been an amazing year full of downright delectable food. From homemade strawberry ice cream to blueberry cheesecake, and even blackberry mulled wine, I've had to hit the gym extra hard this year, just to make up for all of the indulging. So worth it

Out of all of our delicious berry recipes, a few stood out amongst the crowd. Below you'll find a list of our top 10 recipes of 2016! Which one is your favorite?


1. Easy, Healthy, Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream

homemade ice cream-25 (7).jpg

2. Homemade Treats Inspired by LARABAR

lara bars-8 (3).jpg

3. Blackberry Pumpkin Spice Cake

blackberry pumpkin spice cake-3 (2).jpg

4. Berry Breakfast Popsicles

breakfast pops edited-1.jpg

5. Berry Inspired Summer Wedding Cake

summer wedding cake-20 (1).jpg

6. Crispy Artichokes + Blackberry Pesto

blackberry pesto-3 (3).jpg

7. Blackberry Mulled Wine

mulled wine-25.jpg

8. Chocolate Raspberry + Red Wine Wreath Bundt Cake

cal giant christmas-12 (3).jpg

9. Cinnamon Cashew Stuffed Strawberries

strawberry poppers-7 (3).jpg

10. Paleo and Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake

vegan cheesecake-6 (7).jpg

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