Three Different Twists On Your Everyday Toast

Cal Giant | January 30, 2020

Toast is NOT just for breakfast anymore! In fact, It's a meal I will often have for lunch and even dinner sometimes when I'm looking for something quick, easy and filling. There are so many versatile twists you can put on your every day toast whether you're in the mood for something sweet or savory. I personally love both, so my tastes just depend on the day or mood I'm in! Also - when putting together the perfect toast concoction - you definitely have to keep an eye out for thick, fluffy slices of bread. This makes all the difference. Below are 3 different twists on your everyday toast - featuring sweet, savory and even spicy recipe options!



If you're digging a savory toast option, this Strawberry, Honey, Red Pepper and Ricotta toast is AMAZING. I actually had something similar not too long ago at a local brewery and had to come home and try to replicate this for myself. The mixture of the sweet strawberries and honey drizzle, paired with creamy ricotta and red pepper flakes literally combines the best blends of sweet, savory and even spicy flavors.



If you're in a pinch and running out the door in the morning and want a power-house breakfast, grab your jar of peanut butter and smear it across a fresh, warm piece of toast. Add some crunchy granola for some texture and your favorite berries alongside some banana slices for a PB-Berry Toast. This one is not only an adult-favorite, but the kiddos love it too for breakfast and snack time!

Now, one of my favorites is this Blueberry Balsamic, Arugula and Ricotta toast. This is a total game changer for those late nights at work or after-school activities when you just want something tasty and simple for dinner. Honestly, I'd have two pieces of this toast (and maybe even topped with some crispy bacon?!) and call it a meal. The blending of the tart blueberries, fresh arugula and creamy ricotta is a mix I would never have thought of, but am now eager to try!



What's your go-to toast recipe? Are you a fan of just the classic butter or avocado spread? Do you like to spruce it up a bit with savory, sweet or spicy combinations? Find the recipes here to whip them up in your own kitchen!

Let me know in the comments below which of these twists on toast you're most excited to try!

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