The Perfect Dips for Poolside Snacking

Cal Giant | July 20, 2018

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It’s Skinny Dips Season! With longer days upon us, so is more time to enjoy the summer fun. For me (and probably most of you!) that means laying poolside, making a splash at the beach, or even lazy days at the lake…that’s where I’m headed soon! Every year my family plans an annual getaway to Lake Tahoe, and every year about 3 weeks before I start to get into FULL Skinny Dips swing. This means extra after-work hikes, longer hours in the gym, and fitting in walks during the lunch hour – anything to be uber active and fit before I’m off to North Shore, and into a swimsuit!

Luckily, staying fit and active is typically an everyday part of my routine, but having healthy, go-to skinny snacks makes it SO much easier. I am a grazer by nature, and by grazer, I mean I love to snack throughout the day on anything in my reach – so I have to keep it healthy! One of my favorite summertime snacks is our Cucumber Blueberry dip – it’s light, sweet and refreshing - and packs up so well in a small Tupperware container. I usually pair it with fresh pita, or I even like to dip with crunchy cucumber slices for a super low-carb snack.


Another favorite of mine is our Blueberry Jicama Mango salsa – this dip makes you feel like you’ve transported somewhere tropical! The sweet mango, bursts of blueberry and spicy jalapeno is next-level delicious. We typically host a taco-night at the lake, and this salsa makes for the perfect addition to the patio table – and the tacos. We like to dip with chips and top off with a Corona and lime. Blueberry + Jicama Mango Salsa--11 There’s something about watermelon that screams summertime. It’s light, juicy, and the perfect subtle-sweetness – the only thing that makes it even better is pairing it with strawberries and blueberries. When I am getting Skinny Dips ready I always have this Strawberry Blueberry Watermelon salsa handy to top on a rice cake at work or by the pool, or even over a shortbread for an indulgent dessert on vacation. The mint-leaf garnish adds a refreshing twist – with a salsa so good that you can even eat it by the spoonful!

straw+blue+melon salsa-7-552596-edited 

I want to hear from you! What are your tips and tricks for getting Skinny Dips ready? Do you have a favorite California Giant skinny-certified recipe? Make sure you have entered our Skinny Dips Sweepstakes for a chance to win the ultimate pool party prize pack, or one of four Visa gift cards. Plus, when you enter, you’ll get a copy of the Skinny Dips Summer Snacking Guide for more snack hacks and summertime inspiration!

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