The Grilling Necessities You Need to Kick off Summer

Cal Giant | June 8, 2018

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It’s officially June and most graduation ceremonies have commenced with kids at home and ready for summer festivities! Not to mention, Father’s Day is just days away now. With school out, and summer on the horizon, as well as a plethora of fun, family holidays - so comes the season of grilling!

Now ladies, I don’t know about you, but I was never the go-to griller in my household. But, a new patio and some tips from my boyfriend have encouraged me to want to try it out for myself! However, I think our husbands, boyfriends, and brothers may really appreciate this blog post, since we all know our men like to kick off an afternoon, or end the day with a beer in hand by the grill. To sweeten things up this summer and add a hint of juicy-freshness, try adding berries into an array of your most favorite summer BBQ recipes.

The necessities:

Grilling your favorite recipes over an open fire is one of the best parts about summer! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cook, using either a gas or charcoal grill – we have a few tips and tricks to make life easier on the patio this summer.

  1. A grill! This one may seem like a no brainer, but if grilling is on your radar this summer, see what works for you - whether that be a gas or charcoal grill. Both have their pros, so do your research to see what may work best for your household.
  2. The meat (or veggies!) Depending on your preference, pick your ingredients of choice and have them prepped and ready. One of my favorite recipes is this strawberry summer squash chicken kabobs for a mix of protein and veggies (and berries of course!) If skipping protein is your jam, load up on extra veggies and strawberries.
  3. Have grilling tools handy. Tongs will be your best friend. Sear a thick, juicy beef patty and top it off with a drizzle of strawberry ancho BBQ sauce to recreate one of our favorite mouth-watering summertime burger recipes! This strawberry ancho BBQ sauce is a family favorite, and also works great on BBQ ribs. The only thing missing is a stack of napkins and a beer!

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Grilling doesn’t always mean meat:

While grilling various cuts of protein may sound like the main purpose of a grill – you can grill up a scrumptious dessert too! A grilled pound cake with fresh berries and whipped cream is the perfect addition to add to your backyard BBQ and will be sure to impress guests. Hint: If you don’t have a Father’s Day dessert lined up – we can promise he’ll LOVE this one, and will also get a kick out of whipping it up. Just add thick slices of pound cake onto the grill, and flip until charred on both sides. Add some fresh whipped cream and freshly sliced strawberries and be prepared for smiles all around.

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Add a theme to your week:

Now that the kids are out of school for summer vacation, every day is a party. With the longer daylight summer hours, head back to your kiddos and throw a fiesta after work. These strawberry and paprika chicken fajitas are the perfect addition to a weekday summer BBQ, or for that fun Taco Tuesday! Don’t forget to add some sweet and creamy strawberry guacamole to for that full fiesta effect.

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Enjoy the outdoors!

Grilling allows you to take the kitchen outside. Enjoy the summer sunshine and cool down with a refreshing berry cocktail like our Berry Moscow Mule – it’s quick and easy to prep, and tastes delicious on a hot day.

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Now that you have a few grilling hacks up your sleeve, grab your tongs and head to the patio. I’d love to hear what sweet and savory recipes you choose to whip up this summer, or recreate with that special man in your life this Father’s Day – leave a comment below to share!

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