Strawberry Guacamole

Kristin | April 26, 2017

I don't know about you guys, but I could eat Mexican food every single day of my life. From tacos to fajitas to fresh strawberry jalapeno margaritas, I love it all. My husband even knows not to ask me what I want for dinner if he isn't feelin' Mexican food, because I will pick some version of it every time. And don't even get me started on chips and guacamole. It's 100% my weakness...

The best guacamole I've ever had is at a local Mexican restaurant nearby and no matter how many times I try to recreate it, it never compares. Until now! This strawberry guacamole recipe is absolutely amazing. Who knew strawberries would make guacamole so much better?! It makes it so much sweeter and juicier, but in a way that is completely balanced out by the jalapeno and red onion. I can't stop eating it. It's perfect for entertaining, too, since you can easily double the recipe to accomodate a bigger group or party!

I'd love for you to try it and let me know what you think! Plus, feel free to share your favorite guacamole recipe in the comment section below!

strawberry guacamole-5.jpg


2 Mission Produce avocados, small diced

½ red onion, small diced

2 jalapenos, stems and seeds removed, small diced

Juice of 1 lime

1 tsp kosher salt

⅓ cup cilantro leaves, finely chopped

4 large strawberries (or 8 small), small diced


In a medium bowl, lightly crush the diced avocados (dicing the avocados beforehand make it easier to get similar sized chunks).

Add the diced red onion, diced jalapenos, lime juice, and salt, stir to combine. Gently fold in the chopped cilantro and diced strawberries and serve with chips!

guacamole edited-1.jpg

strawberry guacamole-4.jpg

Brunching with Berries

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