Post-Workout Overnight Oats with Berries [3 Ways!]

Ashley | January 24, 2018

One of the easiest things to meal prep are overnight oats. You’re basically adding everything into a jar and shaking the mixture before returning it to the fridge overnight. SO EASY. 


And one of the most nutritious workout breakfasts are overnight oats with the addition of berries. So why not combine the two for a delicious breakfast that helps restore muscles and provides nutrients to help minimize muscle soreness?Post-Workout-Berry-Overnight-Oats-14.jpg

Berries are the OG of superfoods – contain antioxidants and anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are flavonoids found in the skin of berries giving them their deep color, which enhance blood flow and can reduce muscle inflammation after an intense workout.


Oats have an amazing nutritional profile  – complex carbs, rich in iron, B1 vitamin, high in fiber. Carbs are needed to help refuel your muscles post-workout, helping to maintain muscle mass. The fiber can help keep you satisfied post-workout when you’re feeling extra hangry after you get home (me always after a morning workout!).


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