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Three Different Twists On Your Everyday Toast
Cindy | January 30, 2020

Toast is NOT just for breakfast anymore! In fact, It's a meal I will often have for lunch and even dinner sometimes when I'm looking for something quick, easy and filling. There are so many versatile twists you can put on your every day toast whether you're in the mood...

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Getting Your House Super Bowl Ready In a Pinch
Morgan | January 29, 2020

Where are all my West Coast vs. Mid-West folks at?! I don’t know about you, but I am ACTUALLY excited for the Super Bowl this year. Honestly, not so much of a sports gal over here. But I always come around for the big sports games finales (and the half-time shows, am I...

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Cheat Day Recipes for National Pie Day
Cindy | January 23, 2020

If there's one day of the week that you look forward to outside of the weekend, it's a food cheat day! Some prefer these to be on the weekend, while others want it to fall during a dreaded day at the office. (Hello, Uber Eats!) In honor of National Pie Day today, January...

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How to Get Inspired for Your New Fitness Routine
Morgan | January 17, 2020

"New Year, New Me!" is the slogan of every January in the last 5 years. Whether your goal is to not huff and puff as much when playing with the kids, being able to balance yourself well in a yoga class, or fit into those skinny jeans, we've all got wellness goals for...

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