Pack Your Bags for the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Cal Giant | June 26, 2018

Markus and Kelsey 1-1

Put your floppy hats on and break out the flip flops because it's summertime! Spontaneous road trips, beach adventures, and long weekends with family and friends are on the horizon, so pack your bag and let the adventures begin. 


You never know the adventures a summer weekend will hold - and you have to be ready for anything! Thankfully, warm weather clothes are lite, so a small bag with a waterproof jacket, your bathroom necessities, and healthy, energizing snacks are all you need for an easy getaway. Fresh berries are the perfect tag-a-long snack to pack for any spontaneous adventure!

Seriously you guys, berries are in peak season right now and no summer trip is complete without their juicy goodness. Eat them straight out of the container for no mess prep, or add them to your water for a refreshing flavor boost.

Markus and Brock 2

When you pack lite and enjoy fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries for your weekend adventures, you'll find that the most stressful part of your getaway is choosing the destination!

Enjoy all of your spontaneous getaways this summer and check out these healthy and quick prep snacks to get you in the car and on your way to the next adventure.

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