National Breakfast Week

Cal Giant | March 4, 2015

Did you know that students who eat breakfast perform better in school? Think about it—how can you focus on literature, algebra or science when your stomach is grumbling away and your mind is on lunchtime?

That’s why I want to share that this week is National School Breakfast week! I’ve got plenty of easy and quick breakfasts to share that are sure to leave your little ones ready for a full-day of learning. Where there is good food, kids will follow!

Rice cakes are sometimes given a bad rep, but these Blueberry-Topped Rice Cake wheels are packed with natural sugars and healthy carbs that fuel kids throughout the school day. A creamy ricotta and apricot preserve base acts as the “glue” to hold down pieces of fresh fruit. “Yum!

These Blue Banana Boats combine bits of just about every kid-friendly snack: colorful fruit pieces, salty pretzel sticks, and creamy frozen yogurt. Not only are the blue banana boats fun to assemble (speaking of which, you can find even more fun ways to get kids in the kitchen here), they’re also an excellent source of potassium, antioxidants and vitamins to keep kiddos focused in the classroom.

What’s better than a breakfast you can make in less than a minute? One that you can sip on on-the-go! Running late happens to everyone, but this Strawberry and Blood Orange Smoothie reduces prep and blends quickly – delivering a healthy breakfast in a flash!  


Whoever said a morning meal is too time consuming had breakfast all wrong. I hope these easy breakfasts fuel not only your little ones, but you as well! 

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