Making Memories this Memorial Day

Cal Giant | May 25, 2018

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Pack up your suitcases because it’s the start to vacation season. Memorial weekend is officially kicking off as kids wrap up the school year, while us adults shimmy out of our office-seats into some weekend sunshine! While a long weekend is always something to celebrate – the true importance of Memorial Day is to remember the men and women that have passed while serving our country – a day that is truly meant for appreciating the quality time spent with our closest friends and family that we are fortunate enough to have in our lives.

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That said, what better way to spend a long weekend than outside with the ones you love most? One of the most popular Memorial Weekend activities that I always take advantage of is camping (and I hope you reserved those campsites early –because popular can mean packed!). I’m not the only one that takes the late-May sunshine as an excuse to pitch a tent, create an easy red, white and blue spread, and most importantly – kick back and relax. But don’t worry, if you didn’t book your Memorial Day camping trip back in December when those top choices in beloved state parks like Big Sur and Carrillo first opened, you still have a shot at snagging a campground to start-off summer or even plan your own outdoor backyard BBQ! 

We have a menu made for the outdoors no matter where the weekend takes you. Before you head out for your Memorial weekend trip, pre-slice and dice some berries to store in your cooler for a sweet and scrumptious berry sangria to share around the fire or picnic table – it will definitely keep you warm!


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Camping means convenience – easy, on-the-go meals are perfect for any outdoor occasion, that’s why filling up Tupperware containers with fresh, whole California Giant berries is the best addition to your cooler. Keep ‘em cool, fresh, and be prepared to feel energized and fueled up with healthy nutrients. You can even toss some into an infused-water bottle so you can maintain hydration with a hint of sweetness.

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Is camping REALLY camping if you aren’t grilling a savory burger or hot dogs? We have lean, sweet and savory options for those looking to mix it up with some flavor, with our Strawberry Summer Squash Chicken Kabobs. These are also the perfect addition to a backyard block party if you’re staying local!

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Add a splash of color to the picnic table with our strawberry guacamole. This is the perfect combination of sweet, crunchy and creamy – be sure to scoop some quickly before it’s gone!

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These strawberry shortcake sliders are adorable, and the perfect red, white and blue Memorial Day dessert. Load up on fresh, creamy cool whip and diced berries.. and you’re set!


Whether the car is packed and you’re headed on the road, off to a campsite or quick getaway, or even just the comfort of your own home this weekend, we hope you have a fun, safe, and relaxing 3-days off with the ones you love most. Leave us a comment below on where your Memorial Day festivities took you this weekend, and what tasty treats you whipped up!

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