5 Tailgate Treats to Kickoff Football Season

Cal Giant | September 12, 2018

For me, fall means good friends, good food and good FOOTBALL! This is, hands down, one of of the most exciting times of the year. With college football, fantasy football leagues, and professional games- there is SO much to look forward to! I love watching the games, but I have to say that more than anything, I love getting together and tailgating with my friends. Every Sunday, we meetup at one person's house and host a potluck full of game-watching fare.

We’ve done this for years now, and I think this year, it’s time for me to break away from my old store-bought chips and salsa routine and start a NEW football season tradition of my own. I want to challenge myself to bring home-made fresh and TASTY treats to everyone of our football watching parties! 

If you’re like me and feel like mixing things up this football season- I’ve pieced together a list of the 5 recipes I have on the line up this season

1. Strawberry Guacamole- Perfect for pre-gaming, the strawberries are what make this guac so special. I'll be sure to make EXTRA!

strawberry guacamole 600x400.

2. Berry Chicken Salad- This savory berry chicken salad will fill up all the tailgaters at half-time!

Berry Chicken Salad

3. Blackberry Moscow Mule- A nice cold beverage to "cheers" with after each touchdown.

blackberry moscow mule 600X400

4. Strawberry Cheesecake Bites- Everyone at the watch party will have their hands full with these little gems, even if the game is a nail-biter!

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

5. Strawberry Choco Tacos- These Strawberry Choco Tacos will be perfect when we celebrate our team's VICTORY!

Strawberry Choco Tacos

Cheers to the kickoff of football season! I hope you have the opportunity to share it with family and friends - and with some fun bites, too. If you are looking for more inspiration, subscribe to The Buzz Blog. It's full of recipes that are sure to make every tailgate or watching party a WIN for everyone!

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