Introducing the #BerryBestSpringBreak Sweepstakes

Cal Giant | March 11, 2015



Spring is in the air—can you feel it? And just in time, because we're announcing our newest opportunity to win big: the #BerryBestSpringBreak Sweepstakes.

While we can’t give you a week off of work (wouldn't that be nice), this sweepstakes is your chance to make the most of the beautiful weather headed your way. There will be six prize-packs in total, including:

  • 2 Picnic Prize Packs featuring fully stocked picnic baskets and a hammock (yes! a hammock!)
  • 2 Family Fun Prize Packs, each featuring a customized cornhole/toss game and additional outdoor games
  • 2 Culinary Prize Packs, each featuring a Kitchen Aid Mixer 

The prizes are given out at random, so it will be an exciting surprise to see which spring-bundle you might receive. And whether that prize is for a picnic, a fun game outdoors, or a luxury kitchen item to help whip up tasty snacks to take on the road, each of these prizes will help you make the most of this beautiful time of year. 

And, there is something special that every person who enters will receive — and that is instant access to a spring-themed eBook filled with recipes, activity ideas, a picnic checklist, and other helpful ways to enjoy this glorious season. I've shared some sneak peaks of what you'll find in there — enjoy!


(Picnic checklist — nothing worse than unpacking the kids and car only to find out you forgot something!)


(Mini bacon and blueberry tarts. Talk about finger-food!)


(This colorful salad will get all of your nutrients in to fuel some serious playtime. Tip? Divvy out portions into mason jars to make nice and portable)


And before I let you go, there is one last thing to note: a Twitter party March 18th from 12 PM-1 PM ET to discuss all things #BerryBestSpringBreak. All you need to do is follow us @californiagiant, our wonderful co-host, @TheGraciousGirl, and the hashtag #FamilyRecipe to participate! Naturally, we've got prizes for you there, too. 

Wishing you the best of chances,


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