How to Stay Cool and Hydrated this Summer

Cal Giant | August 1, 2018

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It’s the first day of August! Summer has flown by but it’s not quite over yet – and neither is the warm weather. August is typically a warm month for us as we head into our usual ‘Indian’ summer temperatures. That said, for those of us with warm weather on the way, we need to stay cooled down and hydrated. There are so many creative ways to stay cool with berries. Aside from my daily colorful infused waters, there are fun cocktails, chilled smoothies and frozen berries! Here are a few of my favorite ways to stay cool all summer long:

1. A Sweet Treat:

It’s easy (and tempting) to reach for the pint of ice-cream that’s hiding in the fridge on those hot summer days. In an effort to stay healthy and fit during the summer season, my go-to recipe are these Strawberry Creamsicles. Talk about refreshing, and not to mention appealing to the eye! I typically like to make a big batch of these to last me a few weeks, and whip out on those extra hot days… or even for a sweet (not-so-guilty) treat for dessert.

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2. Cool Cocktails:

I’m having my housewarming BBQ this month, and aside from the kabobs and guac that will definitely be on the patio table, so will these Strawberry Frosé cocktails. The end of August is usually on the warmer side, so there’s no better way to beat the summer heat than with a grown up version of a slushie...right?! Not to mention the trendy ways to dress them up – with berry and mint garnishment and fun, decorative straws. My girlfriends will LOVE Instagramming these pretty cocktails.


3. On-The-Go:

Another great way to cool down on the weekend is with these Goodnight Berry Smoothies trays. I’ll make them the night before and allow them to chill overnight, and then pop them into my to-go cup before I head out for my Sunday hike. I love to have this easily accessible to cool me down and replenish me, and I even like to add a scoop of whey protein for post-workout recovery. By the time I’ve wrapped up my workout, the cubes have melted into a sweet, creamy consistency that’s delish!


You’ve heard a few of my tips and tricks for cooling down this summer – I want to hear yours! Are you looking for refreshing berry cocktail recipes? Perhaps some fun popsicles to pack in the cooler for a beach day? Check out our Thirst Quenching Summer Sensations eBook with lots of ways to stay cool this summer with California Giant berries, and let me know your favorites!

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