Host the Sweetest Holiday Cookie Exchange

Cal Giant | December 14, 2017

Holiday traditions are the best part of the winter season! A classic holiday tradition is hosting a Christmas cookie exchange. Friends, families and co-workers come together to share and exchange creative and delicious treats. We know you’ll want to impress all of your friends by hosting the sweetest cookie exchange party so we want to share some of our favorite holiday recipes and party tips with you!

You’ve decked your halls and you’re ready to open your home to friends and family for your cookie exchange party. Have a toasty beverage ready for your guests so they warm up quickly from the cold. We like to use cute mugs with hot chocolate for our toasty beverage because they’re festive and we give them to our guests as gifts! Also, be sure you to let your guests know how many cookies to make ahead of time. You’ll want to make sure everyone gets to enjoy every single cookie! Add beautiful poinsettias, festive plates to display the cookies, and enjoy your fabulous cookie exchange.

These cookie recipes are a few of my FAVORITE things. Chewy, homemade cookies remind me of the holidays at home with my family, and I love baking them for my own family today. Want to learn more about our favorite things here at Cal Giant? Enter the Stocking Stuffers Sweepstakes for a chance to win some of them!

The Recipes:

cookie exchange-14-931299-edited.jpg

This red velvet and strawberry creation will have everyone cheering "whoopie" with every bite!

Red Velvet & Strawberry Whoopie Pie Cookies 

cookie exchange-10-993012-edited.jpg

Need a recipe for to satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out these butterscotch sugar cookies!

Butterscotch Sugar Cookies with Blackberry Icing 

cookie exchange-18-055155-edited.jpg

This homemade cookie bar will fulfill all of your blueberry fantasies!

Homemade Blueberry Cookie Bars

cookie exchange-7-306765-edited.jpg

Move over chocolate thumbprint cookies. These berry thumbprint cookies are absolutely amazing!

Berry Thumbprint Cookies

cookie exchange-15-1-372661-edited.jpg

This blondie brownie infused with caramel and berries is always a crowd favorite!

Caramel & Berry Blondies 

cookie exchange-20-446313-edited.jpg

Fresh blueberries paired with gooey chocolate chips - yum! This is the perfect cookie to share with fellow foodies. 

Bluebery Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookie exchange-12.jpg

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