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Cindy | December 2, 2014

Raspberry_Topped_Christmas_Cupcake_buzzYesterday, a few team members and I were having lunch—each of us with a bounty of leftovers from Thanksgiving. As we looked at each other’s plates, I couldn’t help but notice the differences in our dishes, some slight, some large. Berry pie on certain plates, pumpkin pie on the other. Chunky cranberry sauce atop a pile of stuffing to my left, and smooth cranberry sauce with turkey to my right. I think my coworkers noticed these differences as well, which led to a friendly debate regarding who had the “truest,” holiday-appropriate meal.  Since that “great debate”, I’ve been curious to learn what you dine on during your holiday feasts, so we posted a Flash Promo on Facebook and asked just that. I should have known that food would be a popular topic to discuss, because almost 150 of you shared your delicious ideas! Here are just a few of the highlights that have my mouth watering — any look familiar?

  • Tamales, rice & beans
  • Cabbage rolls
  • Seafood spread
  • Appetizer platter
  • Pizza (that was a surprise for me!)

Feel free to jump in on the conversation and share your family’s traditional holiday feast. There is no right or wrong answer—only delicious ones.  

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