Easy Breakfast Ricotta with Berries

Kristin | November 23, 2016

Are ya’ll ready for the holidays? Christmas is only like thirty days away…and not to mention Thanksgiving is tomorrow!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, every year my mom (aka Martha Stewart) has a huge breakfast before Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, she’s crazy. And yes, she loves to entertain. Luckily I showed her the easiest and most delicious breakfast recipe last year. See below: this breakfast ricotta with maple syrup, blackberries, and toast. And she's totally going to cheat and use pre-made ricotta. But, if you have a favorite homemade recipe, go for it!

For a beautiful presentation, set out individual bowls with ricotta, blackberries (or whatever berries you may have on hand), granola, slivered almonds, and jam. Toast some bread and heat up some good, pure maple syrup. Then watch your guests enjoy!

ablackberry ricotta.png

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