5 Soups to Kick-Start Fall

Cindy | September 23, 2014

As of yesterday, it is OFFICIALLY fall. Does that excite anyone else as much as it excites me? Not that I don't appreciate summer, but now we've embarked upon the season for football, fire, blankets, baked goods and (drum roll please) soup!!!!

And now that the season of soup is upon us (and the season where it's socially acceptable for me to eat soup for practically every meal, every day), I've already started browsing for delicious recipes to get started. Below are just a few that I've found — you don't want to see how long my actual list is!


Let's start with this Tuscan Bean Soup. It's more of a stew-texture, which allows all the fresh veggies in the bowl to shine! May I also add that I appreciate the addition of crusty bread on the side?

 recipe_fall-garlic-soup Since California is home to the Gilroy Garlic Festival (hi, neighbors!) every year, I couldn't help but notice this unique Creamy Garlic Soup. With only a few ingredients, this looks like a soup you can make with limited effort—which means you can dedicate more time to savoring each, luscious spoonful (or slurp)!
 acorn_squash_and_sweet_potato_soup-1-10 I'm on a creamy-soup roll at this point. This Roasted Acorn Squash and Sweet Potato Soup is wonderfully fit for fall! And as if this recipe didn't already give you a nutrition boost from the squash and sweet potato...it's vegan! Creamy and guilt-free. Perfect. 
 IMG_8745-2-682x1024 Don't think I forgot about the quintessential soup flavor of broccoli and cheese! Served in a bread bowl, this recipe would likely please absolutely anyone with taste buds. 
 strawberry-soup Last but not least, dessert soup. Yep— even when we're talking soups, berries are still on the menu. For a dessert or palette cleanser after all the savory soups, take a spoonful of this Sweet & Tart Cold Coconut Soup. Fabulous!

Now that I've shared my discoveries, I'm off to my stove top and ladle!

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