Celebrate Labor Day with Fresh Berry Treats

Cal Giant | August 26, 2014

Summer is coming to an end, but we have one last hurrah – Labor Day! And since this glorious, three-day weekend is supposed to leave us feeling relaxed and refreshed, here are some refreshing, berry-filled ways to make the most of it:


I mean really, almost every celebratory occasion calls for cocktails (or mocktails, for those who want to leave out the alcohol)! We have plenty of ideas in our Berry Cocktails Pinterest board, including these snazzy frozen berry garnishes.





Savory Pizza

As a last-ditch effort to bust out the grill before the weather gets cold (though that may not stop us with this recipe), I'll be grilling a sweet and savory Strawberry BBQ Pizza to get my fill of Labor Day relaxation. One bite of this non-traditional pizza, and you'll totally forget about the classic pepperoni or supreme!




No one said you had to get fancy! Regardless of the occasion, I always have a bowl of fresh berries out for my friends and family to munch on. No one likes a hangry guest, after all.







What will you be doing this Labor Day weekend to celebrate?

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