No More Boring Ice Cubes

Cal Giant | June 4, 2014

When it comes to refreshing drinks like ice-cold water, tea, or lemonade (or cocktails), why just add regular ice cubes? This summer, we are switching things up and making drinks jazzier with fresh berries. Here are some ways you can do the same:


Option 1:

Freeze berries into ice cubes molds using water, tea, or lemonade. Make it even more flavorful by adding fresh basil or mint!

Option 2:

Blend berries into a liquid and then freeze. You can also add berries as a base for smoothies and cocktails. This way, your drink never gets watered down--only flavored "up!"

Option 3:

Try freezing whole berries without any mold and simply pop them right into your drink!

Option 4:

You can also try freezing berries onto skewers and use as garnish for cocktails and lemonades.

Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to add tons of fresh flavor to your beverages without watering down your drink! If you need somewhere to start, we’d suggest Option 1 for these mini strawberry daiquiris.


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