That's A Bug Vacuum!

Cal Giant | April 22, 2014

When you grow fresh berries for a living, receiving unwanted attention from pesky guests (i.e., bugs) is kind of inevitable. And while we certainly understand why they would be interested in our yummy berries (who wouldn't be), we have a special way of sending these unwanted guests home.












What is a bug vacuum, you ask? We use these bad boys to literally pull the bugs off of our plants using a vacuum cleaner that's attached to a traditional tractor. While we wanted to share this fun fact with you on Earth Day, this practice is a great way to keep plants healthy all summer long by simply driving up and down the rows of our fields, sucking bugs away instead of having to use any chemicals!


And speaking of Earth Day, did you know our clamshell containers are 100% recyclable? We are always striving to "go green" at California Giant Berry Farms!

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