A Menu to Commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Cal Giant | October 14, 2013



While October used to be most commonly associated with the ORANGE of Halloween or changing leaves in some parts of the country, over the past several years, a new color has dethroned the traditional pumpkin hue. PINK is now the unofficial color of the month and not due to any holiday nor natural abundance. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has elevated the color and, more importantly, the cause, resulting in pink ribbons outnumbering orange objects throughout October!

California Giant feels passionate about supporting many philanthropic causes throughout the year and we're always ecstatic to promote PINK. This year, we wanted to provide a way that most anyone can support a "breast cancer warrior" - a friend, family member, or co-worker who is fighting or has fought the disease. Our solution - the Think Pink! Party Menu - a five course meal (if you count the cocktail, and we do!) that is delicious, nutritious and inspired by PINK! Just click on the cover image below and download this guide for recipes, party tips and a bonus BLUE story!

The best thing about this party menu? It doesn't have to be limited to Breast Cancer Warriors alone! Make this meal for anyone in need of some support and show them that you care. Pay it forward, my friends!

Do you have a dish that you think would be a perfect addition to the Think Pink! Party Menu? Tell us in a comment below, in a tweet, or on our Facebook timeline!

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