Campfire Fare

Cal Giant | August 14, 2013

My husband and I recently took the grandkids on a vacation to Catalina Island, and it didn’t take us long to realize that this beautiful little island is the epicenter of outdoor recreation!

Catalina Collage

With only 74 square miles, one might think that activities would be limited on Catalina. However, based on the vacation I needed after my Catalina vacation, I’m here to report that there is PLENTY of island fun for visitors of all ages. Of course we hit the beach and ate our way up and down the island, but we also created our own tours, exploring paths (both paved and not) via Catalina’s preferred mode of transportation – golf carts! The high (but manageable) mountains, lush greenery and impeccably clear, blue waters made for the most magnificent views from ANYWHERE on the island.

Accommodations on the island range from 5-Diamonds to “a diamond in the rough” and we went with the latter, since camping tends to encourage family bonding so much more so than sharing a hotel room. We enjoyed the great outdoors in every way – from starlit stories around the campfire to feeding new friends of the four-legged variety. And speaking of eating, well, that was the very best part!

Since it was vacation, traditional campfire fare just wouldn't do. We got creative and treated ourselves to dishes that were a little more luxurious than chili dogs (though we did have those one night, too) and that you won’t find on any room service menu. The unanimous favorite was a concoction that we call Chocolate Berry Campfire Fondue! Our “test kitchen” was under the stars, but I did manage to scribble the ingredients and very informal process on a chocolate-covered napkin so that I could share the experience with you!



Simply place your skillet over the campfire until it gets hot, then add the chocolate chips and stir frequently until they’re fully melted. Remove your skillet from the fire so the chocolate doesn't burn (you can pop it over the fire every now and again if the chocolate starts to harden). Then, roast a marshmallow over the fire to your desired golden brown color, add a berry to the end and DIP. Here’s another version I found since our vacation that I can’t wait to try next time.

This campfire fondue was a total hit for my family and it’s one that we’ll enjoy over and over again, even if it’s in our backyard rather than beautiful Catalina Island. There are hundreds of variations you could try to make this recipe “your own” and we’d love to hear about them! Leave a comment below, post on our Facebook timeline, or tweet us!

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