Berries Go Green

J.T. | March 11, 2013

Alright, so fresh berries may not exactly be representative of Saint Patrick’s Day, but our berries are GREEN, and that’s a pretty good tip of the hat to those lucky Irish folk if I say so myself. In honor of this green holiday, we wanted to share a little bit about the sustainability practices we have here at California Giant Berry Farms that keep our earth happy and healthy!

Organic Options

Do you prefer organic produce? No problem! We grow organic berries as well as conventional. Recently, the demand for organic berries has increased so we are focused on adding more acreage dedicated to organic berries. Just look for the clamshells with the green labels for organic!

Minimized Pesticides

For our conventional berries, we are dedicated to practices that help us minimize our use of pesticides to the best of our abilities. As someone who spends time in the berry fields, I will tell you that working with Mother Nature provides unique challenges. We go head to head with nature’s pests every day, so we have a team working hard to monitor pests to prevent infestation and we are always working on improving our breeding practices to help with pest resistance and minimize the need for pesticides. See that vacuum over there? It’s HUGE. These giant berry vacs go through our fields and pull pests right off the plants to reduce the need for pesticides. Cool right?

Water & Soil

At California Giant, we practice what is known as drip irrigation, a method that allows us to delivery only the necessary amounts of water to our crops so none is wasted. Healthy soil is essential to agricultural as well, so we rotate crops and practice composting to help keep the soil rich and fertile.


Did you know that California Giant berries are packed in 100 percent recyclable clamshell containers? Make sure to recycle your containers after you finish your delicious berries. Which you will! The boxes we ship our berry containers in are also recyclable, and everything… I mean EVERYTHING from our box make-up sheds is recycled. At the end of each season the drip irrigation material and plastic mulch used in our fields is recycled too.


You can trust that California Giant Berries are not genetically altered in any way. We say no to GMOs! Instead, we rely on traditional breeding practices to keep our berries flavorful and perfect for your taste buds.

Do you have any other questions about our sustainability and earth friendly practices? Click here to learn more about our farms or leave us a comment below and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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