Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cindy | February 14, 2013

I want to share a secret with everyone and I don’t want to feel ashamed of it.

I LOVE Valentine’s Day.

Beyond being a romantic at heart, I strive to make everyone in my life feel loved on February 14. We would all enjoy Valentine’s Day a lot more if we quit worrying about whether or not you have a special someone and started making EVERYONE your special someone! Go on - share a simple hug, chocolate, or even a “thank you, I appreciate you” with everyone around you today and you will find yourself smiling and looking forward to when February rolls around next year.

And now, here’s my Valentine to ALL of you, Buzz readers! We appreciate you here at California Giant Berry Farms. Check out some of the delicious berry recipes and valentine’s ideas below and have a berry sweet day!

Valentine’s Day Recipes & Inspiration:

Recipe: Strawberry Pink Cake
Video: Decorating Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Recipe: Better than Jewels Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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