Think Pink Finalist Story: Susan G. Komen of Greater Fort Worth

Cal Giant | October 24, 2012

Think Pink Finalist
Roxanne M, Texas
Susan G. Komen of Greater Fort Worth

On November 1, 2010, just days after learning the wonderful news that I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the emotional ups and downs I was experiencing, I was determined to fight for my life and the life of my unborn child. I learned I would undergo a mastectomy and chemotherapy, all while pregnant. To top it off, while recovering from surgery I was terminated from my full-time job. So here I was; I lost my breast, my hair and my source of income, all while pregnant. I felt devastated.

Fortunately, I reached out to the Susan G. Komen of Greater Fort Worth affiliate to learn more about breast cancer, and the organization was there to offer me hope. I learned that they provide grant funding to organizations such as Cancer Care Services, a local nonprofit that offers support to cancer patients. Through Komen grant funding, Cancer Care Services was able to help me pay for some of my medications, as well as provide me with financial assistance to maintain my COBRA health coverage.

I decided to volunteer with Komen of Greater Fort Worth while I was still in treatment and pregnant. I assisted with administrative work and I answered phone calls to help connect uninsured women with information and resources for mammograms. I organized a Great Fort Worth Race for the Cure team. Three days after my 7th round of chemo and while 7 months pregnant, I completed the Race for the Cure 5K with my team. A week later I went into early labor and delivered my healthy baby girl, Serenity.

Now I am cancer-free, and I continue to serve as a Komen of Greater Fort Worth education and outreach volunteer. Thank you California Giant Berry Farms, for providing this opportunity to honor organizations that have made a difference in so many lives. I’ve witnessed first-hand the remarkable work that this organization does in our community, and the hope they offer to survivors like me.

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