Teenagers Support Pink!

Maddie | October 15, 2012

Sometimes support for a great cause starts when you are young. One of my favorite causes to support is breast cancer, and I love October because it presents such a great opportunity to get my friends involved in pink too! I am very proud to say that my high school holds a pink “dress up” day for breast cancer awareness month. It was so cool to see so many kids involved and our hallways and football game crowds turn into a sea of pink. Our football players wore pink socks, the band dressed in head to toe pink and many of us even made pink treats to share with each other during lunch. One of my favorite “pink” treats is this crepe recipe with whipped cream, strawberries and raspberries.

As for me, I like to get decked out in all pink for cyclocross. I finished my first race of the month in second place and I felt proud as I stood up on the podium and let everyone know about my support for Pink.

It’s the simple, everyday things that can bring awareness to causes like these. The more our families and peers see our passion and involvement, the more involved they will be inspired to be!

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