Support Pink with Pink Ombre Cake

Cal Giant | October 5, 2012

Hey Buzz readers! Can you believe it's already October? To me, October means it's time to bring out my sweaters, go to our local pumpkin patch, and support breast cancer awareness! In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I decided to take a shot at creating a beautiful pink dessert.

Life is all about trial and error, right? Well, when I found this recipe for a pink ombre cake, I thought I could bake it in a pinch! I had no worries, considering this is the first cake I have ever baked!

Fast forward a few hours into the cake baking process and I was about to throw the cake away.I was so frustrated because the cake was not looking anything like the picture. But instead I called my friend, Dionna, and she came over and helped save my cake from the garbage.

Here are a few things I learned on how not to bake a cake:

1. Always level the top of the baked cake before stacking.

2. Always bake your cake completely before taking it out of the oven, or it will "sink."

3. Allow your cake to cool completely before taking it out of the baking dish.

4. Make sure you are using room temperature butter when making homemade frosting.

5. Have patience.

We were able to save the cake. It might not have turned out exactly like the picture, but I loved the outcome. It’s the perfect cake to bake in October in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Eat pink, think pink! Enjoy!

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