A Perfect Storm of Sports

J.T. | August 29, 2012

Lots of folks are talking “Back to School” around Salinas and Watsonville, not to mention all over television, online, etc. And while I’ve still got a few years until I’ll be sending my own kiddoes on their way to school, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have late summer traditions of our own. Well, I guess I can’t say that the tradition I speak of is necessarily specific to late summer…

See, I’m a sports fanatic, so there’s never a time of the year without some sort of athletic event to attract my attention. Right now we’re in the middle of a “perfect storm” of sports. Baseball is in full swing (ha!) and football will be kicking off soon – high school, college and pro, I’ll watch them all.

Nothing goes with watching football with my son and twin girls quite like a coffee table full of snacks! I have some guilty pleasures, like tortilla chips and just about ANY dip. But, my wife, Katie, makes sure that I don’t overdo the salty and sugary items, so I get my share of carrot sticks to dip, too. Thanks, Honey. J And the whole family lucks out since I get to bring fresh berries home on a regular basis. The kids can’t get enough of them and their favorite berry recipe is “Berries in a Bowl” which is, well, you get it. All these fresh snacks make the “health nut” in Katie very happy.

Long story not so short, I can’t wait for some family time over the next few months and am especially looking forward to Cal winning the Pac-12 and then a little game called the Rose Bowl. Not to mention WINNING (easily) the California Giant Fantasy Football pool. Ahhhh, can you smell that? Football is in the air! Who you rooting for?

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