A Parent's Devastation

Cal Giant | August 23, 2011

A Parent's Devastation On July 29, 2005 our daughter-in-law called and let us know the bad news. Our son was diagnosed with the worst kind of Leukemia, Acute Myloid Leukemia. We were and still are devastated. He lost his battle one and half years to the day he was diagnosed. Unless you see or know someone who has that terrible disease and the treatment that is done to combat it, UNBELIEVABLE. He had to go through open heart surgery to repair the valves and struts in his heart that the intense chemo and radiation caused to eat away. We did everything to keep him alive. He lived through that. He went through stem cell transplant not only once but twice. The first almost took. So they did another transplant. Both from his brother (our second son). That one made him so ill. He began to go down hill from that point to which he contracted a blood infection (blood poisoning). In eight days he was gone.

This is the most devastating experience a parent can go through. We cannot move him from life to death. We still have the need to contact Mike our first born to ask his help on many decisions that need to be made. But he is no where to be found. We as a family love him and miss him.

We work very hard with the Leukemia/Lymphona Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania and are now in the fundraiser time of year. As we work to raise donations for an upcoming fundraiser walk in Erie, PA it's great to see companies who are also contributing. Also, your strawberries are delicious and I plan to try your recipes.

Betty, Erie PA

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