Blackberry Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Kristin | October 15, 2015

 Ahh. Grilled cheese. There is nothing better than the combination of crunchy bread smothered in butter and gooey cheese. Unless there are blackberries involved. Say what?! Yup. Like always, I try to find a way to incorporate the sweetness of berries in any recipe I can.

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Blackberries melted in between some good, mild, white cheese and just a pop of basil makes for a pretty tasty snack. You could even serve alongside a bowl of cheese soup. And a hot toddy. Can it be Fall yet? The weather keeps teasing us – one day its 70 degrees, the next its 85!

fall recipes

These are pretty darn easy to make (I used a George Foreman grill). Simply melt some butter, slice some good bread, layer some cheese on each piece, add your fresh blackberries and basil, grill for about 5 minutes and voila! Yummy blackberry grilled cheese sandwiches.

fall recipes

One of my co-workers asked why I didn’t just spread blackberry jam on the toast. I explained I was trying to keep these somewhat “healthy”. A lot of jams have an excess of added sugars and preservatives. And fresh blackberries are just that, fresh. And the blackberries taste so good once they are warmed.

fall recipesfall recipes

Do you have a favorite grilled cheese recipe? Any favorite cheeses you like to use? Please tell! 

fall recipes

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