Best Moments of 2014

Cal Giant | December 3, 2014

buzzMan oh man, this year has flown by. Can you believe it's already December? Before we know it we'll be talking about 2015, and this year will be a thing of the past. But before we hit that point, I want to take a moment and reminisce about some of my favorite moments from 2014!



The Philanthropy

Giving back to great causes is certainly a passion of ours, and, in 2014, we were very fortunate to work with several outstanding groups that do a whole lotta good. In July, we hosted the 10th annual Skirt Steak BBQ and raised over $9,000 for several local charities.  Another yearly event, Santa's Workshop, delivered over $8,000 to Watsonville-area families in need.  And, last but not least, participants in the inaugural Tour de Fresh cycling event pedaled their way to over $142,000 for the Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign. The Tour de Fresh was especially rewarding because it brought together many of our friends and colleagues in the fresh produce industry and made a huge impact in schools across the country.


The Contests

We're a competitive bunch at California Giant Berry Farms! This has been a year of ice-bucket challengespumpkin carving competitions, costume contests and chili cook-offs, just to name a few. And considering most of our contests raise funds for local organizations in our area, we are more than happy to participate.


The Kid-Friendly Fun

As berry growers, one of our biggest goals is to increase the amount of fresh food that families eat — and specifically increase our kids' access to fruits, vegetables and other healthy meal options.  From sponsoring Little League sports teams in our area to launching a Junior Chefs video series, our company is all about introducing more FRESHNESS to future generations. 


The Farm

I know it's not surprising to hear me say this, but I sincerely believe that growing these sweet little berries is a true labor of love. Each day I am surrounded by beautiful landscapes, colorful close-ups, and some of the hardest-working people I've ever met.


The Food

You didn't think I would leave this out, did you? From gorgeous wedding cakes and sweet smoothies, to creative dips and pizza combinations, 2014 has proven yet again that the sky's the limit with food and fresh berries.


I hate to say goodbye to such a wonderful year, but I'm certainly looking forward to a new year of farming, family, philanthropy and all kinds of fun. Here's to 2015!

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