Berry Ice Cubes with Edible Flowers

Cal Giant | June 1, 2016

Looking for an easy way to impress your guests this summer? Try these make-ahead berry ice cubes with Frieda’s edible flowers. There are endless ways to make these ice cubes. You can use water, coconut water, champagne, wine, or pureed berries as the base, adding chunks of strawberries, blackberries or blueberries. And finally, topping them off with edible flowers to make them extra special.

When made with champagne or wine, these ice cubes are perfect to cool down your glass of bubbly, since they won’t water down your drink!

To make, simply fill an ice cube tray with your liquid of choice, filling each cube 2/3 full with liquid. Top with your favorite berry and edible flower. Freeze for at least four hours (I prefer to let them sit overnight).





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